Project 1776

Project 1776 is 6 years in the making and consists of 16 photo shoots, numbering nearly 4500 photos and numerous drawings. 

Locations: multiple areas of NYC, Manhattan Island & Brooklyn, New Jersey's Southern Coast, Basking Ridge & Morristown NJ, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Halibut Point Massachesetts; Numerous locations on Kauai and Oahu. Next up - Maui and northern Arizona.

This Landscape Installation Series unexpectedly ignited in May of 2010. Driving deep through the Pine Barrens of NJ, I was in Search of the Miraculous, my childhood memories floating pictures in front of me of a time and a place where anything was possible. A year and a half later, after searching throughout Southern NJ for the perfect location, I returned to the original site, an ancient sacred place I call Secret Beach amidst the pines & marshlands of the glorious New Jersey coast. 

The late October 2011 day of the photo shoot was unexpectedly hot, topping out at 86*F. The Monarch Butterflies were just finishing their yearly migration, a few left behind as reminders of the tremendous undertakings the changing of the seasons brings. In this setting I completed the photo shoot ‘Flight of the Falconers’. Through a long series of strange happenings, George Washington appeared at the forefront, the original intention being to connect the ancient native knowledge of the Serpent Mound (1776) in Ohio to those known as the Original People, the Turtle Clan Lenni Lenape of the NJ lands.

Traveling up through New York City down to Washington DC & back to Spuyten Duyvil Inwood Hill on the upper rivers of Mannahatta, George and his Lenape Counterparts reveal ancient stories long forgotten on these nearby sacred lands. Layers of histories over thousands of years, taking their cue from the Serpent Mound, the original 1776. America's own Revolutionary War has layers upon layers of seeming coincidence, as if a universal magnet pulled each layer of history to these places multiple times. 

Each step we take, each walk of road chosen randomly, specifically, all reveals a mystery foretold from most ancient sources to the present day.