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Second Coming Video Series: 

Medea - Search for the Golden Fleece was shot on location in Miami, Florida in 2005. It is Part I of the 'Second Coming' Video Series. What is one to do with the feeling of hopelessness to all the destruction on this lovely earth. How do we reconcile our lives when millions of children are dying. The Red Cross dolls look on at the beaten and the battered. There is the feeling that this question is as ancient as we are as humans. Where is the place in our hearts where the guilt is absolved and we find our return to the Source of who we truly are.

Music Credits: Soldiers of the Long March by the Guo Brothers and Shung Tian. Abha by Iarla O'Lionaird.

Carib's Leap was shot on location in various parts of the Caribbean in the Fall of 2006. It is Part II of the 'Second Coming' video series. Carib's Leap is the story of a group of Native Caribs that leapt to their deaths rather than be taken by their captors. What is considered an honorable death and under what conditions historically is one considered a true warrior.

Music Credits: Gurdjieff's Music for the Movements with Thomas de Hartmann & Wim van Dulleman: The Circles, Multiplication of 9 October, Adam & Eva, and Derviche.

Crow’s Call - Mahakala was shot on location on Catalina Island off the coast of California in the Spring of 2006. It is Part III of the ‘Second Coming’ video series. The original inspiration for the location was that one of my all time favorite movies, Chinatown, was partially filmed there. But the story that emerged from the shoot and afterwards kind of took on a life of its own. It has a lot of meaning for me on a personal as well as global level. It is one of those things an artist is afraid to even wish for, all the magical moments colliding and revealing, for an instant, some mystery of the universe. In a way, it remains a private moment that is nearly impossible to convey but, on the other hand, releasing the artwork also gives over the ‘possessing’ of whatever experience there may have been. For me, it is that part in the mystery of art that has kept me returning again and again ...

* The focus of the doll with the broken arm only emerged upon my arrival in California. As I was making my way through JFK airport, an especially ‘vigilant’ TSA agent tore apart my bubble wrapped ‘super dangerous’ tiny 2 inch antique dolls, and in so doing, ripped off one of the arms, not to mention a 3rd degree interrogation of what these dolls were up to ;p Anyway, the whole thing kind of took on this comedy of the surreal (absurd) and during the shoot, the story went its merry way!

Music Credits: Gyoto Monks, Freedom Chants from the Roof of the World - Mahakala.